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At, we care about your security and peace of mind. To ensure your security and peace of mind, all payments and domain transfers go through Sedo escrow.

1. What is escrow?
Escrow is the term used to refer to the funds that are kept in the possession of a third party until the domain you have purchased has been transferred to you. It involves an agreement to place these funds into a special account that has been created specifically for this purpose until you receive your domain. An escrow service handles the escrow account from start to finish.

2. Why use escrow?
Using escrow to conduct the transfer and sale of a domain simplifies the process for the buyer and seller since the escrow company does all of the work. The primary reason to do so, however, is to create a more secure buying and selling process, minimizing the risk to both parties.

3. How does escrow work?
Acting as a middleman between a seller and a buyer, an escrow company holds the buyer’s money for the purchase until both parties are satisfied that the transfer of the domain has gone through successfully. The escrow service facilitates communication between the buyer and seller.

Using escrow involves a few simple steps:
·    The sale is initiated.
·    An escrow account is set up.
·    The buyer places the money in escrow, and the seller is assured that the money is there.
·    The seller transfers the domain.
·    The seller receives the money.

4. Why Sedo escrow?
Sedo is the leading UK domain company offering domain escrow services. Sedo was founded in 2000 and since then has handled hundreds of thousands of domain sales successfully.

5. What does Sedo escrow cost?
For our clients, nothing! We pay the full cost of Sedo escrow services, so there are no additional fees for you.

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