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How the Buying Process Works


Buying a domain is a bit more complicated than your average purchase.  However, at we follow a simple 3-step process to ensure a smooth and prompt transfer of your domain to you.

1. 3-click process:  Once you've found the amazing domain you want, click on it to land on the details page.  Click the "Buy Now" button which will take you to a brief form to complete.  Click submit once you've completed the form.  We will acknowledge receipt of your order promptly and begin the transfer process.

2. 3rd party escrow:  We use as our escrow agent for all domain purchases.  We will set up the transaction at  Once that's ready, you will hear from about paying them for your amazing domain.  You can make payment to them via BACS, paypal, wire or credit card.

3.  Domain transfer:  Once receives payment, we will initiate the transfer. is the organization that is in charge of all UK domains.  You will receive an email from them asking you to accept the domain transfer.  They charge a small fee of £10 + VAT for this transfer.

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