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6 Points to Consider When Buying An Amazing Domain


Choosing the right domain name is vital for your website's success.  Here are 6 points to consider to ensure that you buy an amazing domain:

1.  Makes Sense.  One of the most important considerations in buying an amazing domain is that your domain makes sense.  There needs to be a good, sensible reason for your domain.  It should match either your company name, the product or service you are selling, the industry you are in, the problem you are trying to solve, a highly searched term for your industry, etc.

2.  Easy to spell.  If your customers can't remember how to spell your domain, they aren't going to be able to find your website.

3.  Mindshare. Words or phrases that people search for a lot show that the topic is on peoples' minds, and is important to them.

4.  Easy to remember.  The more memorable your domain is, the more likely prospective clients are to recall it and visit your website when it is time to make purchases.

5.  Domains are unique.  Each domain is one of a kind.  Are you going to own that amazing domain, or will you let a competitor own it?

6.  One off purchase.  Except for a small bi-annual renewal fee, domains are a one-off cost.  Yes your domain will work for you, marketing your business, 24 hour a day, seven days a week.  When you compare the cost of the amount of marketing you get from an amazing domain versus any other type of marketing, you will find it a wise investment.



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