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Why Buy An Amazing Domain?


The right domain name can either make or break a business.

Your domain name is one of the most important marketing tools at your online business' disposal.  It is the first thing prospective clients and customers see or hear when they find out about your website.  You owe it to the success of your business to ensure you have an amazing domain.


What is an Amazing Domain?

An amazing domain is a domain that makes sense, describes exactly what it is about, and matches what people are looking for on the internet.  It is clear and easy to spell, and is to the point.  It is a domain, the choice of businesses and consumer in the UK.


How does an Amazing Domain Help Your Business?

1.  Credibility.  The biggest impact an amazing domain has is credibility.  If you were interested in buying widgets, which website would you feel more comfortable ordering from: or

2.  Trust.  Closely related to credibility is trust.  The internet is a fairly anonymous place so people look for signs that you can be trusted.  One way to judge is by the domain name.

3.  Marketing.  Your domain is a virtual marketing machine, pulling in prospects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4.  SEO.  Search engines give exact match domains a boost in the search results for the term that they match.


Aren't the Prices High?

All domains on have prices ranging from £995 to £5,995.  While that is certainly more than the £10 you'd pay to register a new domain, it is a wise investment. Instead of buying an amazing domain, you could spend that money on another form of marketing.  The cost of a domain is less than an advert on tele or similar to one in a magazine or newspaper.  And once that advert has run, that's it.  However, your domain will be working for you every day, all year, year after year.  It's a one time cost with marketing benefits that last forever.  And that's not even counting the intangible marketing benefits from the increased trust and credibility an amazing domain will bring your company.

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