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Advantages of Exact Match Domain Names


What are exact match domain names? These are domains where the name itself exactly matches the keyword that is being searched for. So, if someone is searching for “Red Widgets” then an exact match domain would be

Exact match domain names have three major advantages for your business.

Advantage #1 - Search Engine Bonus

One factor that Google and Bing look at in ranking a website is the domain name. If the domain name matches exactly what is being searched for, then these search engines will give that domain a boost in their results. This only applies to certain extensions, such as So, if someone is searching for Red Widgets, then the website at the domain will get a bonus in the search engine rankings and rank higher.

Advantage #2 - Pay Per Click Bonus

Anything you can do to get searchers to click on your adverts is advantageous. It not only increases traffic to your website, but in the case of Google, higher click through rates can result in higher placement of your advert. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to click on an advert that uses an exact match domain than on other adverts. In addition, Google bolds terms in adverts that match the search query, which means that an exact match domain name gets highlighted, while their competitors’ domains don’t.

Advantage #3 - Branding

Who is the leading company that sells Red Widgets? It could well be An exact match domain instantly offers you credibility in your market. This is an especially important competitive advantage if you’re new and competing against established players. An exact match domain name defines the entire industry and positions its owner as a leader in the market.

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